Friday, November 20, 2009

Wei Supremacy Outfit~

hello, now Kuro is obsessed with wei supremacy outfit :3

this outfit give advantages to law players (including me ;P i'm law lol xD)

at 1st day when this FC out, the price for a set is 4-5m :x

but the buyers from wei supremacy to wu supremacy is 2:10 :3

at the 2nd day, the price got high again -__-; now the price is 6-7m T_T
i just hope i can buy em at the right time......


a1pha_5tigma said...

only the boots left now!! T_____T

This is TaZya's blog said...

gw g ngerti beginian xav..

a1pha_5tigma said...

LOLOLOL no wonder if u dunno what i mean taz ;P

Dark-choco-aholic said...

gue dapet SATU part aja belom.

haisss!! T_T emg sial mulu gue ma tu set!

-rika.chuu- said...

cool character..
please comment my blog..okay??